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Gates & Fences in Santa Cruz, CA

In today’s world, automation is present is all aspects of life. We have experiences with harsh weather conditions like rains as we reach for our gates manually. Nonetheless, if you live or operate your business on a busy street, you can act on aggravated drivers for blocking their way. For this reason, you require an automated gate to save you the hustles of opening your gate manually. Squirrel Gate, Fences & Decks Company offer quality services by providing to you top quality and durable gates and fence materials. We also provide fixing services, repair services as well as custom made gates and fences. We also supply and fit BFT gate opening systems that are second to none! With us, you get the following gates and fences services in Santa Cruz;

Automatic gates in Santa Cruz, CA

For all your fencing and gate needs, contact Squirrel Gate, Fences & Decks. We assure you of no regrets about this decision. Also, we sell and fix the best automatic gates available in the market. More so, our gates are of high security, quality standard and of high quality materials.

Interestingly, we renovate your traditional manual gate by fitting it with an automated gate opener. This allows you to operate the gate remotely. Again, we fix your gate with a battery backup and electric motors that increase the productivity of your gate.

Driveway gates in Santa Cruz, CA

By hiring the right professional, you get the best driveway deals that provide top security. Still, they will maintain and spice up the beauty of your premises. Squirrel Gate, Fences & Decks provides different heights driveway gates that come in various materials. Importantly, we fix automated driveway gates for easy opening and closing of the gate. Again, our gates come in different sizes depending on the size of your compound and also your choice.  Last but not least, we have galvanized metallic gates that are resistant to harsh climate changes. Call us now for the best gates and fences services in Santa Cruz

Electric gates in Santa Cruz, CA

Squirrel Gate, Fences & Decks has been in the gate business for decades. Our philosophy is to provide innovative and high quality products. Additionally, our range of products are unique and suit any requirements.  We fix electronic gate opening systems that come with a plethora of benefits. Firstly, your guard can patrol and guard your home efficiently by eliminating the manual opening of the gate. Secondly, there is no more waiting outside the gate which exposes you to carjacking hazards.

Security gates in Santa Cruz, CA

We know that a house sells quicker with automatic gates and fences. For this reason, you need to equip your residential and commercial premises with the best security gates. We provide security gate services at cost-friendly prices.

Front gates in Santa Cruz, CA

More often than not, you find yourself in a situation where you need to restrict movement in your home or business. This calls for a reliable and easily operated front gate to save on time as well as assure you security. At Squirrel Gate, Fences & Decks, customer satisfaction has been our top priority. We strive to give you unique services at very affordable market price. our experts install front gates with a variety of materials and technology.  We even offer stacking gates when there is limited space to allow sliding or rolling gates.

Gate installation in Santa Cruz, CA

 With the current increase of insecurity, you have to own a very secure gate to prevent the avoidable. Squirrel Gate, Fences & Decks know what you are exactly looking for, thereby offering you the best technicians to install and maintain your gate. We also offer advice to help you select the best gate that suits your needs.

Fence contractors in Santa Cruz, CA

When you need to put a fence around your property, you need a company that has a solid reputation in fence contractor services. Squirrel Gate, Fences & Decks maintains a positive image each by having the best fence contractors around. We will construct your fence according to your preferences as well as maintain it till our contract is over. Besides, we visit your place before the installation to examine the site.