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Gates & Fences in San Ramon, CA

If you are constructing a new home, there is the need to fence and install a gate your premises. For this reason, you will also require special gate openers that are custom made depending on the features of your gates. Nonetheless, fencing your home is equally important in ensuring that your security is uptight. Also, automatic gate openers work for some amount of weight. Squirrel Gate, Fences & Decks deals with automatic gates and fences installation, repairs, and maintenance in San Ramon. Also, we deal with the installation of gate openers.  Our services are set to suit both your commercial and residential needs.

Our range of products varies with various materials like wrought iron, wood, chain link, vinyl. Are you searching for a professional gate and fence company? Your search ends here! Squirrel Gate, Fences & Decks offers you the following services:

Automatic gates in San Ramon, CA

Automatic gates take over manual gates in the security industry in the modern world. This is because they are easy to use as well as very convenient for all gate needs. Whether you need your commercial area or residential area gated, we will solve your problem. Squirrel Gate, Fences & Decks offer the best recommendations for automatic gates that best suits your needs. More so, some homeowners like customized gates to complement their fences. Let our team of skilled experts construct and design a gate according to your specifications.

Driveway gates in San Ramon, CA

You cannot have a fence without a driveway gate. For this reason, driveway gates are an essential part of your home. Moreover, they give your home a complete look. By hiring the right professional help, you will have your fence and gate fitted according to your taste. To spice on, we offer different driveway gates like sliding, rolling, double swing, and stacking gates among others. All our services are pocket-friendly and serve you for long. Call us today for unbeatable prices and top-notch security gates and fences in San Ramon, CA

Electric gates in San Ramon, CA

Do you have a traditional gate and would like to give your home security a transformation? Are you tired of manual opening and closing of your gate? We have solutions for you. At Squirrel Gate, Fences & Decks, we renovate your traditional gates by automating them. With our modern gate openers, we can fit your old gates with electrical devices like motors which upgrade your gate to a new level. Nonetheless, we fix your electric gates with a battery backup that helps you to access your gate during blackouts. If you are looking for quality electric gate services, we are the people to call.

Front gates in San Ramon, CA

More often than not, you may find yourself in need of a front gate in your home or business area. More so, if your compound is vast, you require a front gate for added efficiency and security of your property. For this reason, we are here to solve your problems. At Squirrel Gate, Fences & Decks, we fix the best front gates using wrought iron, wood or even vinyl. These materials are strong and hard to break through. Our technicians are at par with new gate designs; therefore we customize your front gates to suit your desires. To add on, we repair and maintain your gates and fences when the need arises.

Security gates in San Ramon, CA

When you need a full- service company for friendly and professional security gates and fence installation, think about what automatic gates and fences have to offer. Whether you are a home builder, general contractor or a landscaper, we will help you out. Do you need security gates services? Contact us for affordable and high-quality services.

Entry gates in San Ramon, CA

Squirrel Gate, Fences & Decks has very innovative entry gate solutions. We keep present these ideas to our clients while we design their entry gates. We fix entry gates that suit our client’s needs. When it comes to gates and fences in San Ramon, CA, the professional company is Squirrel Gate, Fences & Decks. Our stuff always attends training and seminars to learn on the new developments in our industry.

Fence contractor in San Ramon, CA

At Squirrel Gate, Fences & Decks, we have a showroom with wide varieties of components needed for your fence installation, repair, and replacement. Our gates and fence installation comes with warranties.  We can visit your premises and take measurements after which we suggest the best fence that suits your needs. Call us today for the next fencing designs.