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Gates & Fences in Portola valley, CA

Safety is one of the most critical aspects for both residential and commercial purposes, and all this is possible if we can secure the premise. At Squirrel Gate, Fences & Decks, we provide the best automatic gates installation services. There are different automatic gates available in all different budgets. Along with these preferred budgets, as our customer, you can choose different designs, styles, and material to use in your setup. On contact, we dispatch a team of highly experienced and qualified staff to your location to install the gate to meet your needs. The technology employed in our gates will give you the satisfaction of both safety and peace of mind.

Installation in Portola Valley, CA

If you choose the Squirrel Gate, Fences & Decks, we install a quality automatic gate Installation in Portola Valley, CA that employs the latest technology, design, and fashion. This gives your premises a secure-lavish home. Our staff automizes your gate with sensors, circuits, remote controls, exit wands, and keypads ensuring limited entrance to your premises. Your premises will be extremely secure. This, in turn, ensures you don’t have the stray animals, intruders, and unauthorized personnel accessing your premise hence guaranteeing safety to both your property and loved ones. Apart from this, the security measure ensures your kids and pets don’t run into the streets. When in need of our services contact us.

Driveway gates in Portola Valley, CA

When you own a property, safety comes first. In installing our driveway gates, you get access to different apparent advantages. This includes security, which in turn, boost due to the presence of intercoms and coded keypads. Besides, the installation of automatic driveway gates increases property value which is an advantage if you consider selling it. To control it, we use an indoor control thus gives access with a push of a button. Our team has high training and equipped for quality installation services for automatic gates in Portola Valley, CA. Hence on contact, we provide a quick response to ensuring our service are fast and efficient.

Electric gates in Portola Valley, CA

These are the gate whose primary concern is maximum security to a premise. We use materials such as wrought iron and galvanized steel which are durable and guarantee security like nothing else. At Squirrel Gate, Fences & Decks, we have been in the industry for a long time. Thus, we employ trained professionals and advance their training to use advanced tech and tools. Electric gates are so secure. To enter a premise, recorded log in details are necessary to ensure only authorized persons can enter. The keypads are durable. They can withstand all weather conditions in your area without being defective, or malfunctioning hence is efficient.

Security gates in Portola Valley, CA

At Squirrel Gate, Fences & Decks, we offer gates that are of high standards and quality. We make security gates out of a wide range of materials and styles that will match your premises. In this fashion, they are both appealing and secure your premises denying unauthorized access to your facility. We install them mostly in commercial firms and bases that are highly secure such as industrial plants, government agencies, military bases, etc. However, if need be, you can install them in a person’s residential home to keep intruders away. If you sick of having peering strangers and intruders Just contact us for automatic gates in Portola Valley, CA.

Fence installation in Portola Valley, CA

At Squirrel Gate, Fences & Decks we are quite efficient when it comes to installing fences. They are an additional measure when it comes to increasing security to both homes and industrial premises. Moreover, its an addition to glamour and beauty in your home. We offer affordable fence installation services since we calculate your average cost by materials used, size and quality of the fence. Our professionals are whizzes in both installation repair and maintenance. All you need is to contact us for excellent automatic gates in Portola Valley, CA.  

Repairing and maintenance in Portola Valley, CA

In the case of damages, we offer fast and efficient repairing services such as motor change, remote and keypad fixing and changes and also fence repairing. Our work is practical and affordable. We are also available in case of lockout and malfunctioning of the automated gates. On contact, we will send our team to your location.