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Gates & Fences in Pleasant-Hill, CA

Our approach at Squirrel Gates, Fences & Decks is to live by the Golden Rule. We take pride in satisfying our customers and consider them more important than making money. Our main goal is to provide high quality gates and fences in Pleasant-Hill, CA. We focus on building a higher number of fences, with high value, in contrast to building fewer fences with higher cost. Additionally, we offer our services to industrial, commercial and residential settings. Squirrel Gates, Fences & Decks provides a variety of gate installations in sizes, designs, materials, and prices. These gates include driveway gates, electric gates, front gates, security gates, and entry gates. Our excellent customer service, quality of materials, superior installation, and result will be pleasing to your home.

Automatic gates in Pleasant-Hill, CA

Automatic gates utilize the latest technology for its opening. For instance, card readers, keypads, remote controls, and sensors. We program them to open and close with a wireless transmitter or a manual device. Squirrel Gates, Fences & Decks offers good quality, reliable and durable automatic gates at an affordable price. Advanced automatic gates come with sensors that read specific signals for entry. Automatic gates provide security and prevent access by intruders.

Driveway gates in Pleasant-Hill, CA

Our driveway gates are suitable for any environment. We only use the finest materials to design and install your driveway gates. Squirrel Gates, Fences & Decks helps pick the type of barrier that is right for you. Furthermore, we require much thought and planning in driveway Gates. Electric driveway gates are about more than aesthetics. They are about the peace of mind, which comes from knowing your property is safe. Customized driveway gates match the size, style, and specifications by the client. Driveway gates are a category of a slide, swing, barrier, vertical pivot, and vertical lift gates. We use wood for driveway gates, but metal remains the material of choice.

Electric gates and fences in Pleasant-Hill, CA

Our electricians can also fix and service all brands of automatic gate openers at a very competitive rate. Furthermore, our licensed electricians can match the gate opener and accessories to your gate for business and residential gates. Apart from providing security, electric gates and fences in Pleasant-Hill, CA save time and effort, especially in commercial property. Squirrel Gates, Fences & Decks specializes in the design, installation, and fabrication of electric gates and fences in Pleasant-Hill, CA. Electric fences prevent unauthorized access to the premise using electricity-powered mechanism.

Front Gates

They deny intruders access to a premise hence ensuring security. Squirrel Gates, Fences & Decks offers installations, repair, and maintenance of front gates at affordable prices. We have expert technical staffs who deliver our service with high customer service related.

Security gates and fences in Pleasant-Hill, CA

We understand that beauty, value, and sense of security are a priority to our customers. You want a gateway that not only provides protection but also adds to your home’s curb appeal. We customize our corporate gates and fences in Pleasant-Hill, CA to offer varying levels of security. Also, we aim to keep your company or house safe. Security gates include economy security gates, single gates, double gates, storefront security gates, portable security gates, etc.  To achieve the best results, an electric fence accompanies the electric gate.

Entry gates

Entry gates come in all sizes and combine capabilities with decorative features. Whether you need a simple gate or a high-security entrance, we have something to meet your exacting standards. An entry gate design adds value and aesthetics to complete its elegant look. Our entry gates are affordable, installed, repaired and maintained by our competent workforce.

Gate installation in Pleasant-Hill, CA

We deal with all types of gates in Pleasant-Hill, CA. That is residential driveway gates, commercial, and industrial. We work on military bases, federal buildings, gated communities, and residential applications. Gate installation ensures security, privacy, and convenience. Squirrel Gates, Fences & Decks offers the highest quality of products when it comes to gate installation. We can design from scratch and install your complete system including brick and stone columns and custom gates. Also, we fabricate our products in our workshops, lowering the cost and turnaround time of the client’s product.

Fence installation in Pleasant-Hill, CA

We specialize in aluminum fence installation, wood fence installation, Wrought Iron Fence installation, and vinyl fence installation. Our service includes using top grade fence material and providing superior barriers at an economical price. We are professionals with a hometown touch. Additionally, our fence contractors are the most talented fence repair and installers you can find. We offer our services at a pocket-friendly price ensuring the best customer service related.