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Viking gate operator

Certainly, the security of your home and business premises secondarily depends on the type of gates and fences you install. There is a growing and obvious reason to keep your premises safe from intruders and burglars. However, there is no better way to achieve this than to have the best gate operators. First and foremost, with an electric gate opener, you will save costs associated with hiring security guards. Have a Viking gate operator installed at the gate and guarantee your home or office the best and convenient gate operation.

Why select Viking Gate operators?

We deal with high quality and long lasting gate automation motors made to give you value for money. Our gate automation solutions are highly customizable to fit your gate design and weight. For example, we offer a wide range of commercial grade gate automation solutions for industrial use, manufacture and assembly points. Even so, we still have consumer grade gate automation solutions for homes and villas.

  • R6 (residential only)
  • F1 (Residential/ commercial)
  • T-21(Residential/ commercial)
  • X-9(Residential/ commercial) – solar kit available
  • E-4(Residential/ commercial) – solar kit available
  • G-5(Residential/ commercial) – solar kit available


The R-6 swing gate operator is capable of handling gates up to 700 lbs. and 14ft long. With its efficient drivetrain, robust stature, built-in battery backup, soft start / soft stop and adaptive algorithm,

The R-6 gate operator is the ideal choice for residential applications. The good thing is the gate operator comes with a 5 years warranty that guarantees you longevity and high-end security in your home. Moreover, the gate operator has a maximum operating speed of 13-16 seconds per 90 degrees, therefore enabling fast push or pull on your swing gate. Thus, this gate operator is the best suit if you are looking for the best gate opener for your home.


The F-1 Swing Gate Operator, includes the V-Flex control board and a removable power supply box for low voltage wiring. Notably, the removable power supply box allows you to run low voltage to Viking gate operator rather than high voltage which removes the need to trench high voltage wires. This can save the home or business owner thousands in labor and permit costs. The V-Flex control board provides a LCD display for diagnostics and operator status. The new 1/4″ steel chassis allows an increased handling capacity for gates up to 1500 lbs. thus, this gate operator suitably operates residential and commercial swing gates.

T21-viking swing gate operator

Unique to other Viking gate operators, the T21 gate opener has the capacity to operate residential and commercial swing gates of up to 2000lbs. and 12 feet high. With a 100percent duty cycle under extreme conditions, the T21 suits high traffic areas. Again, the efficient operator provides a solution in a single package. If you are looking for affordability and durability, look no further than T21 viking gate opener. Surprisingly, the gate operator has a battery backup therefore enables you access your gate even in blackout scenarios.


Are you tired of hiring a gateman in your home or business premises? Do you want to have an easy time while operating your swing gates? Then, X9 Viking gate operator is here to serve all your needs. The X-9 is capable of continuous operation and the included battery backup system provides up to 800 cycles of operation. Additionally, the gate operator consists of a solar kit that recharges when exposed to sunlight, therefore reducing utility bills that would otherwise be spent on electricity bills. More so, the X9 is weather resistant from the VFLEX control board made of galvanized materials. For this reason, you can trust all your swing gate needs on the X9 Viking gate operator.


 The new E-4 Residential Swing Gate Operator leads the industry in being the best, most cost effective residential linear arm actuator. This new design allows for a maximum gate capacity of 850lbs /10’ or 550lbs/16′. Similarly, this gate opener features a convenient manual release handle and pre-wiring for an easy and quick installation. Furthermore, it is ready to be powered with low voltage wiring, allowing installation versatility and accuracy. The E-4 offers a 2 year residential warranty and UL compliance, therefore ensuring you durability and strong security.


The Viking G-5 leads the industry in linear actuator swing gate operators. Again, the new design boasts a maximum gate capacity of 2000lbs and 100% duty cycle operation, making it unlike any other. Featuring a convenient electronic manual release switch and pre-wired for easy and quick installation. The G-5 is now powered by the V-Flex control board, including a speed control dial and diagnostic LCD display. This new design is solar efficient and ready to be powered with low voltage wiring, allowing versatility of installations. The G-5 offers an increased 3 year commercial or 4 year residential warranty, along with ETL and UL compliance. Call us today and we will respond to you with the best gate operator deals in the industry.