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Toro Gate Operators

Every business or homeowner uses a gate every day. A functional automated gate system is something we tend to take for granted until you are forced to manually open your gate amidst a heavy downpour or extreme heat. Notably, with automatic gate openers, you cut down the cost of hiring a gateman since you can easily open the gate on your own. For this reason, consider looking for the best gate operator brand that suits your budget and security needs. If you are looking for quality, durable and affordable gate operators, consider Toro gate operators. Furthermore, hire a professional gate dealer for best results. At Squirrel Gate Fences and Decks, we distribute commercial and residential gate operators and openers for swing and sliding gates. Moreover, we install, repair and monitor gates at pocket-friendly prices.

Why select Toro Gate operators?

Did your gateman resign without notice? Are you having gate opening issues? Do you need Toro gate operators on your gate replaced or renovated? These gate operators are here to serve all your gate needs. Whether your gate is automated or manual, commercial or residential, we have the expertise to help.in fact, all our gate products have over 20 years of experience in the field and have proved durability and strength, therefore, there is no use to test the gate operators once you purchase our products. Even more, our gate operator kits comes with a plethora of discounts if you purchase from our website.

  • TORO24 swing actuator (for Residential/commercial uses)
  • SW-350 DC swing gate operator (for Residential/commercial uses)
  • SW-350 AC swinger (for Residential/commercial uses)
  • SW-300 DC swing gate operator (for Residential/commercial uses)
  • SW-300 AC swing gate operator (for Residential/commercial uses)
  • OH-200 DC overhead gate operator (for Residential/commercial uses)
  • OH-200 AC overhead gate operator (for Residential/commercial uses)

TORO24 swing Gate actuator

The Toro24 swing actuator has a modern design that compliments any gate. If you are a home or business owner looking for top security and an ideal appeal for your home, consider purchasing Toro24. Interestingly, this gate actuator is limited to only open swing gates. Easy to install, offers uninterrupted power supply and has manual keyed release for easy access when needful. Toro gate operators consists of a control panel that offers a series of features like programmable logic and an advanced charge controller for solar applications. For this reason, this gate actuator suits most residential and commercial applications.

SW-350 DC swing gate operator

Certainly, you need the most convenient gate operator for simplicity of use and maximum security. Luckily, Toro SW-350 DC serves all your swing gate needs. This gate opener has a 7-year warranty and a 24VDC brushless motor ½ HP giving you zero maintenance and longevity. Correspondingly, this operator supports a gate weight of 800lbs to 1500lbs with a continuous travel speed of 180 degrees in 17seconds. Therefore, you can bet on SW350 DC for all your swing gate needs.

SW-350 AC swing gate operator

Like other Toro gate operators, SW-350AC comes with warranty Full 7 Year Residential, 5 Year Commercial and 24 VAC Brushless Motor ½ HP. For this reason, the control board is backward compatible and allows continuous duty cycle. It contains a 120/220 VAC Single Phase Gear Box Ratio 60:1 with Internal Clutch Cover       Rotationally Molded that tolerates harsh weather conditions. Most importantly, this gate operator supports a maximum gate weight of up to 1500lbs and 22’ height, therefore very ideal for commercial and residential swing gates.

SW-300 DC swing gate operator

SW300 DC is a unique gate opener basically applied in commercial and residential areas. The gate opener possess a brushless DC motor with zero maintenance, and weather resistant from the aluminum coating. Not to forget, the 24VDC motor has a control panel that tables a series of benefits including a programmable and relay leaf delay, solar power capabilities, and a slow start/stop the algorithm. The SW-300 DC Toro gate operator is a perfect selection for your gates needs.

SW-300 AC swing gate operator

The OH-300 AC swing gate operator is a natural, heavy duty, rust free hub, and easy to install. The massive duty feature makes this gate operator suitable for residential and commercial gates that are up to 800lbs massive and 20feet wide. Additionally, SW-300 AC comes with the most uncomplicated and most dependable control board in the market that is backward compatible. In like manner, the gate operator possesses a powerful and long-lasting motor tested for than 20years. Comparatively, the SW-300AC has seven years and five years of residential and commercial warranty respectively. Furthermore, this gate operator is suitable for all you swing gates needs because it has a 60:1 gearbox ratio that enables it to have full cycles 24/7.

OH-200 DC overhead gate operator

The OH-200 DC overhead gate operator is the first and only commercial overhead gate operator available in the market with an actual integrated long term battery backup. Equal to other Toro gate operators, OH-200 DC possesses a brushless DC motor that is smooth to operate and has zero maintenance. Additionally, this gate operator has outstanding features in that it is solar powered and has a battery backup that can store power for up to two weeks. Consequently, this Toro gate operator is surge-protected and rust free, therefore ensures your durability and resistance to extreme weather conditions.

OH-200 AC Overhead Gate Operator

Similar to other Toro OH gate operators, OH-200 AC is commonly used for commercial overhead tilt gates. Again, OH-200AC operates even underground doors for underground parking lots and condo buildings. These AC operators come with the most straightforward and most reliable control board that is backward compatible. With an operator weight of up to 800lbs, this gate operator suits residential swing gates for all your home needs.