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LiftMaster Gate Openers

Our homes and places of work mean a lot to us. They take a lot of work to put together and as such deserve some additional protection. To this end, Liftmaster gate openers are here to provide the additional ease and security.


Just like its sibling gate openers, the CSL24 has amazing features that place it on a whole different level from their competition. This particular model is ideal for high traffic commercial and residential areas. The CSW24-UL Swing Gate Opener has its design meant to fulfil the customers’ needs while still lasting long. This particular gate opener has a warranty of 5 years when installed on a commercial property and 7 years on a residential property. This gate opener has a variety of highlights including;

  • Liftmaster P3 engine built to run more than 1 million cycles
  • Flawless start/stop
  • Surge protection
  • A heavy-duty gear-driven transmission
  • Remote dual gate operation
  • Emergency close/open
  • Mid-travel inversion
  • Speedy close/anti tailgate system


This is another one of the top-quality and reliable Liftmaster gate openers. It has features not worth overlooking. To start with its powerful motor of 24DC, it provides undeniable starting torque and smooth starting and stopping operation feature. This not only means a longer gate and operator life but also some dependable performance. This opener can operate a 16 feet long gate and one that weighs up to 550 pounds. In addition, it has an on-board radio receiver which provides operations with a remote. To highlight, Liftmaster LA400 also has the following additional features; 

  • Operator speed of 90 degrees in fifteen seconds
  • Inherent obstruction sensing which offers force adjustments in both open and closed directions.
  • Control inputs that allow connection of external devices like the access control system, telephone entry systems and lop detectors.
  • Bi-part latch that allows for swing gates designs with overlapping arms to allow one arm open or close before the other arm starts.
  • Timer to close. It has an adjustable timer that you can set any time from 0-120 seconds.


This particular gate is very unique. As a matter of fact, the client gets these particular Liftmaster gate openers specifically crafted for your industrial location or gated community. This machine is massive; it has the power to fully operate a gate of up to 70ft tall and weighing 1600 pounds while still remaining compliant with the UL325 regulations. This particular model is very powerful while still having an air of sophistication and quality about it. With this purchase, you can be sure to receive;

  • A large control box with sequenced access management
  • A solid built-in 2.0 receiver plus a large accessory tray
  • An intelligent digital logic control
  • An integrated 3 button control station
  • LED indicators
  • Surge and spike protection 
  • Extensive range of control; reset button, limit sets, emergency stop, warning devices, and so much more.

When working with these gates, you will notice that most people will also have some accessories coupled with the gate openers to facilitate communication and increase the security of the premises. Some homes and commercial properties might use an array of accessories meant to boost their security all round. This mostly is in the forms of intercoms and surveillance systems. Since the above gate openers are cell phone ready, it means that the owners can let people in and out without having to step outside their homes. As such, they have to know who is at the gate so as to open them. Some intercom systems only deal with sound while others are video capable.


With this powerful gate opener, you are sure to have unsurpassed performance and a high levels security for your property. Incorporated with the MyQ tech, you can now monitor and control your gate from wherever you are. This means that this gate no only brings in efficiency but also provides you with ultimate peace of mind. It has a powerful battery backup that can go up to 24 days without charging. In additional, LA500PKGU has these features;

  • It can operate a gate sized up to 18 feet and 1, 600 lbs. heavy
  • It also records up to 500 cycles per day
  • Has 2 years of warranty
  • You can install external devices like telephone entry system, loop detectors and connect it with your smartphone for control.
  • Advanced traffic management
  • A gate that travels at a speed of 15-17 seconds to reach 90 degrees.