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Elite Gate Openers

Elite gate openers have become exceedingly popular across the world’s rising middle class population. Gone is the time when an electric gate and elite gate openers was just for the incredibly rich and wealthy. This doesn’t mean everyone in the world is going to be able to afford one, but it does open up the market to amounts of people that were before unheard of. Elite Gate Openers allow complete certainty that you are protected by an advanced and comprehensive and intelligent electric gate. This mean it won’t break or falter under extreme weather conditions or even tampering from thieves or assailants. Elite gate operators provide a certainty and security that conventional gates just cannot match. It means that after a long day at the office, you don’t need to manually open your gate, at just the press of a button it’ll open for you.


Previously known as Elite RoboSlide, this is one of the most iconic of all the gate openers today. Its popularity was brought about by its fair pricing and also coupled by the fact that the gate opener was very reliable and hardly ever broke down which means that the home owner doesn’t have to get out of the car on a rainy night just to open the gates. This particular one can be used for both residential and commercial purposes given that its powerful motors can handle all sorts of gate sizes and weight up to 25ft and 800lbs. this is what you get when you purchase this opener;


  • Limited parts warranty provided by Liftmaster: 5 years commercial and 7 years residential
  • Radio receiver has a capacity of up to 50 remotes
  • A heavy duty motor
  • Infrared photoelectric reflective eye
  • Surge protection
  • High performance standby power
  • Electronic brakes
  • Smartphone capable


Primarily used for residential areas, this is a one of a kind gate opener for a slide gate system. Due to its efficiency and appeal, many homeowners and people in charge of high traffic areas use this sort of gate opener since it’s designed to be opened and closed many times over. Because of its legendary gear driven transmission, you can be guaranteed that this model is one of the very best in the Liftmaster arsenal. With this unit you get;

  • Delicate start/stop task
  • Wireless double door correspondence
  • Lockable manual detach
  • Liftmaster MyQ cell phone Technology
  • Flood concealment
  • Battery reinforcement


Elite SL3000101UL 1-Horse Power

If you are looking for one of the most powerful automatic gate openers, then this one is the right one for you. This particular model is the envy of many since it can handle entry gates as tall as 37 ft. and a weight of up to 2000 lbs. made with top of the line products, you can rely on the Elite SL3000101UL to deliver world class performance and high reliability. To ensure that the gate opener lasts for decades to come, this machine has a tough polyethylene plastic cover which is encased in a gold zinc plated chassis which makes it even more hardy and tough to break. Here is what you get by buying this one of a kind gate opener

  • Limited parts warranty provided by Liftmaster: 5 years commercial and 7 years residential
  • Smartphone capable; free apps for both iPhone and android. Programmable relays which help in adding accessories.
  • A strong P3 motor with a quick close
  • Built-in 850LM radio receiver which is compatible with the Max series & 8-series remotes 
  • Retro-reflective photo safety eye for harsh conditions
  • Easy to read and understand LED diagnostics display
  • Telephone intercom systems


Although elite gates was purchased by Liftmaster, they continue to provide servicing, maintenance and repairs. When you make this purchase, you might need some additional devices such as cameras and intercom systems for added security and convenience. With these, a visitor requesting entry into the premises can declare who they are and then the home owner can let them in. if you are interested in something a bit more robust, you can install security cameras at various places at the entrance so that you can have a more complete picture of the person at the gates.