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DKS Gate Operators

Certainly, automatic gate operators are the way to go these days. Therefore, you can never go wrong with the operators, as they serve well both commercial and residential units. Furthermore, DKS gate operators has a variety of features for ease of use and cost efficient. If you are looking for professional gate operators, we are the company to hire. Additionally, we have technicians that are highly experienced in gate operator installation, repairs, maintenance and monitoring. Furthermore, we only deliver tested and approved products. Therefore, you don’t have to waste time testing yourself. Call us today and enjoy the following gate operators at the convenience of your location.

Different varieties of DKS gate operators

Doorking 6002 swing gate actuator for residential units

This DKS gate actuator provides convenience and reliability during opening and closure. Also, the gate operator consists of powerful screw. The screw eliminates dirt and other atmospheric elements from reacting with the screw threads. Hence, if you are looking for elegance as well as longevity, DKS 6002 is the perfect. For any residential slide gate unit, we have got one for you.

Doorking 6003 swing gate for residential uses

The 6003 actuator operates on 24 Volt DC power. Additionally, it features a built-in limit switch that precisely control the start / stop speed and travel of your gate. The microprocessor based electronic control board provides many advanced features typically not found in operators in this class. For this reason, you can operate your gate manually using the keyed release during power failure. The gate actuator operates a maximum gate width of 10 feet and swings through an angle of 90 degrees in 16 seconds. These unique features make the gate opener ideal for residential swing gate operations.

Doorking 6004 column mount swing gate operator

The 6004 mounts directly on the column. Therefore, it simplifies installation by eliminating the need to cut niches on the column. Furthermore, there is no need for concrete pads. Even more, the gate operator possesses a fully enclosed drive mechanism with adjustable built in limit switches. These switches control the start and stop speed for smooth gate operation. Moreover, the gate operator handles gate width of up to 8 feet with gate overlap feature for dual gate operation. The good thing is the gate operator’s built in batter charge and batteries for storing energy, which helps when there is blackout.

Doorking 6050-080 residential and light commercial gate opener

Unlike other DKS openers, 6050-080 operates vehicular swing gates in residential and light commercial applications. These operators are such that you can either pad or post mount without any costly and time consuming field modifications. Again, this gate operator is self-adjusting, with zero maintenance limits. DKS 6050 operates maximum gate weight of up to 400 lbs and gate height of up to 10 feet.

Doorking 6500 commercial and industrial gate opener

This gate opener suits single and double gates for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Unlike other DKS gate openers, 6500 possess gate tracker reporting output and a built-in reset switch. Therefore, you are able to program opening intervals at given time frames. Consequently, this opener contains magnetic limits which never wear out or break. Thus, you have the guarantee that your gate is strong and will last long.

Doorking 9024 slide gate operator

This gate opener comes with a plethora of special features different from other gate operators in the market. First, DKS 9024 has a backward compatible AC which keeps it running even during power failure. In the same notion, you can add your own solar panel, thereby cutting electricity bills. Nonetheless, this gate opener comes with backup batteries that store energy enough to run u to 180 gate cycles. The DKS 9024 is simple to use and suits gate weight of up to 1000lbs and 16 feet high.

Doorking 1601 barrier gate operator for commercial units

DKS 1601 operator best suits single lane (14 ft. max) vehicular traffic control in high traffic commercial and industrial applications. The 1601 operator is such that you can mount it on either the left or right hand side of the roadway. The operator has  a DC convenience open package (optional) that will automatically raise the arm in the event of a power outage. If you are looking for convenient and affordable barrier gate operators, 1601 solves it all. Contact us today for even amazing gate operator deals.