Driveway Gates

Enhance The Beauty and Security of Your Home or Business With Driveway Gates in Bay Area.

Gates are a common feature on most if not all properties around the US. However, the type, quality and design vary from gate to gate. People keep gates as a way of showing that you have entered into a different property and as such, they won’t be going away any time soon. A good driveway gate makes our lives simpler and more convenient. At Bay Area Gates, Fences & Openers, we have over the years perfected our craft of working with all sorts of gates and privacy gate fences. As for driveway gates, they need to be able to offer both quick access and security to the homeowners. While picking out your gates, there are a few things you need to think through. Having a fine driveway gate means deciding on several key options:

Type of Driveway gate

Tthis of course refers to the gate design and structure of operation. There are a few options here including:

Gate type

Sliding gate

This is one of the simpler and more effective gate designs out there. Sliding gates do not need a lot of space to work perfectly thus leaving room in the driveway for other things such as extra parking. Furthermore, they can be used.

Swing Driveway Gate.

Swing in terrains other gates would not be ideal for such as swing gates in a slope. The gate is placed on a track which it rolls through as it opens and closes. Unlike its counterpart, this design requires plenty of space to be effective since the gate has got to be allowed to properly open and close during entry and exit. . Aesthetically speaking, swing gates are very attractive. However, because of its low resistance to pushing forces, it’s less secure than the sliding counterparts.

Gate materials

Vinyl gate: they are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), it offers additional benefits that other materials simply cannot match. Vinyl driveway gates require little to no maintenance at all, they are also very strong given than vinyl is about five times as strong as wood. Additionally, the material doesn’t fall prey to rust or pests.

Wooden Driveway Gates

These are obviously made of wood but some have been given extra protection to keep them going for the longest possible time. They are good for privacy but weather rather quickly.

Metal Driveway Gates

This is the more classic look. Here you can definitely close a lot of metal types and designs given the malleable nature of many metals.

Custom Driveway Gates.

A custom gate will be built specifically for your property built from specific agreed on specs.

Prefabricated: these are basically ready-made gates available in many designs, finishes and styles.

Deciding on the best gate for you


Our gates at Bay Area Gates, Fences & Openers vary in shape, design, size and materials and as such prices must differ from product to product. Some greedy businesses overprice their products for greater profits. We believe in fair pricing for all our items. We provide our clients with the most competitive prices in the region while still maintaining impeccable standards of quality. What’s more, we offer aftermarket servicing and repair where we can service these gates for you to ensure they stay in top condition.


When you decide to purchase a driveway gate, you definitely want the most reliable so that you won’t have issues later with it. Because we make sure that our quality is top of the line, our driveway gates are more reliable and as long as they receive some oiling, they should be perfect.

Why choose us For Driveway Gates Bay Area?

There is no shortage of companies who sell driveway gates. Contact Us today for we stand out from the rest by;

Being dependable

unlike the competition, we always make sure to keep our promises to the clients. With us you can be sure that we will complete any project in the stipulated time.


We are insured against any of the mishaps and accidents that happen when installing a gate. You can therefore rest easy that should anything unfortunate happen while we are working on your property, insurance can cover it.

The perfect driveway gate is waiting for you out there. At Bay Area Gates, Fences & Openers, we help people get the perfect driveway gate for their homes. Not only do we ensure that there is proper installation, we also make sure that the client is happy with the purchase before we leave.

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