Fence repair in bay area

Having a good fence around your property is an invaluable asset to the home. That’s because a good, strong fence keeps intruders out while keeping safe your loved ones and pets. However, just like most things, with time the fence becomes weak and starts to fall apart. Without proper maintenance and repairs when needed, the fence will become weak to a point it can fall because of some winds. At Bay Area Gates, Fences & Openers, we supply people in the bay area with top of the line fences and also offer our fence repair services to those who need them.

When it comes to fences, handling them well has a lot of upside. You need to know when it’s best to repair the fence and when it’s okay to replace it completely. Fences are valuable today because of the extent to which they beautify and protect the property. As such, here are a few ways you can know that your fence might be in need of some repairs.

Wood fence Repair in Bay Area

Wooden fences are the oldest type we have. Since its all natural, these wooded fences are more prone to damage than their synthetic counterparts. However, it’s important to note that wood is very strong and reliable. It looks great and adds a homey feeling to the property. For these fences, the elements are usually not friendly and might end up with seriously damaged over time. Some of the signs your wooden fence needs some repairs is when you see massive discoloration, warping or splintering. It’s critical to inspect the fence after seeing those signs because that’s the only time you will have to save the fence. By engaging a professional, they will know what move to make next, be it exterminating the wood destroying insects or even changing the pooling water.

Vinyl fence issues

.A vinyl fence is made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which means that it won’t rot, split, warp, blister, chip or corrode. Because of their nature, maintenance is easy to upkeep. Unless your fence was hit by a vehicle, equipment, large debris or subjected to the weight of heavy winter snows, your biggest worry as a vinyl fence owner is cracking. When dealing with vinyl fences, it makes more sense to completely replace the affected area since the PVC needs special equipment to repair individual pickets.

Aluminum fence Repair in Bay Area.

Aluminum fences ae popular because of their strong nature and very durable nature. That means that with occasional attention, you are set to have a strong and beautiful fence for a very long time. Just like with the vinyl fences, an accident might damage the fence. The fence can also be loosened up by shifting soil and erosion which will cause the posts to sag which compromises the entire fence. Our professionals at Bay Area Gates, Fences & Openers have taken the years of experience and knowledge into helping you effect your repairs onto your fence. Since you might need to replace a section or two, a skilled worker who knows their way around a welder is critical for success.

Fence maintenance

Since fences have all been made from different materials, ways of keeping them fresh are different. When it comes to wooden fences, you need to seal manually or stain them after. This helps to keep the wood fresh and also keep the wood mulching pests away from the fence. As for their vinyl counterparts, all you need is a hose pipe and you are okay to clean the dirt right off with the help of a little pressure from the hose. Keeping the fence on high alert also means making better landscaping decisions. Although vines on the fence might look very attractive, it can actually greatly reduce the lifespan of your fence. That means that if you are growing organic material near a fence, you need to do it using the right tools so that it won’t backfire.

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