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Bay Area Gates, Fences, and Openers is a well-known designer and installer of wooden gates in Bay Area. We have a large selection of wooden gates with solid wooden frames and inserts to metal frames with wooden cladding gates. Further, there are the solid quality, and solid oak gates, all made and tailored to suit your requirements. Most noteworthy, there may be an additional strengthening of the gates with the addition of metal bracing across major timber joints. In particular, some wider five bar gates would require an additional timber rail and bracing bar along with their various length.

It is important to note that all timber constructions are subject to changes from temperature and weather variations as wood is a natural breathing material. If by any chance there are any additional loads through automation, then it will considerably reduce the lifespan of the wooden gate. Further, stress and twisting can be avoided by designing the system correctly from the outset, which we take care of.

Design for Automatic wooden gates in Bay Area.

The automatic wooden swing gates comprise either one or two gate leaves. Swing gates can open either inward or outward, all this depending on the terrain, location, and other factors. Many automatic wooden swinging gates systems tend to be an inward opening double leaf. On the flip side, the two sided system has the effect of taking the area in which the two gates open. This system therefore limits intrusion and speeds up the operation of the entire electric gate system.

The outward opening swing gate systems are installed where the driveway or the road inclines. It is sometimes quite steeply, towards the property.  If the gate is to open outward very little modification in design is required but there have to be consideration to the gate approach, certain safety aspects and access. Nevertheless, the inward swinging gates can be moved up the hill by means of special hinge arrangements, known as rising hinges. This kind of systems can be put up in places where outward swinging gates are not desirable

Wooden Swing Gates Operation.

The swing gates operates essentially under three types of mechanisms. These are;

  1. Underground Automatic Gate Motors
  2. Universal Arms [also known as Articulated or Joined Arms]
  3. Surface Automatic Gate Rams

The latter two types of systems above are in a group of [above ground] systems. In many cases, the underground motors are often referred to as [hidden] systems. This is because nothing is visible above ground level. Within the first two, the drive units can be hydraulic or electromechanical in design. There are other electro-mechanical systems that operate at 240VAC, while there are others that operate with high-efficiency low-voltage systems [typically 24V DC]. The universal arms system are always electromechanical in design.

Automatic Wooden Gates – Underground Systems

At Bay Area Gates, Fences and Openers these are by far the most popular types of systems, as well as automatic gate opener. Even though they tend to be more expensive to install than the above ground systems. This being a rule as the equipment costs more because it is more complicated, plus it requires more time and skill to install it. Once it is installed it is far more aesthetically pleasing.

Automatic Wooden Gate – Rams

The most common type of “above-ground” gate system is the ram. This system usually requires steel posts on which to support and a very important operating geometry in order to function efficiently. The other end of the gate ram is then attached to the inside of the gate leaf, and via an internal push and pull arrangement, the ram pulls the gate open and then pushes it shut. While perhaps not as aesthetically pleasing as an underground system, rams can be very effective, lower-cost solutions. These rams can also be put inside the gate to make it less obvious to be located from outside. The rams should be put at the middle of each gate to optimize load and power distribution across the gate leaf.

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To get the best automatic wooden gates in Bay Area to make sure you seek our services Bay Area Gates, Fences, and Openers and we will get you your dream automatic wooden gate. Visit us and get our professional services and help you get your dream gate.

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