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All You Should Know About An Automatic gate opener.

Most properties have gates to them. As such, adding an automatic gate opener is a convenient way to enter and exit your property. People keep gates as a way of showing that you have entered into a different property and as such, they won’t be going away any time soon. By automating the process, people can enter and exit the property without having to exit the car to open the gate or the need for someone to open the gates. As technology has continued to grow, these gates can be programmed to lock or open under particular conditions.  Finding a reliable company to perform the installation can at times be hard but worry no more because Bay Area Gates, Fences & Openers not only has years of experience, but they have the most qualified staff.

Since people have different gates on different properties, their needs for the automatic gate opener might vary. As such, you need to think through a few things before deciding on which opener is best suited for you.

Deciding on the best gate opener for you


The location of your gate has a huge influence on the type of gate opener you’ll be using. If the gate is located in an area highly susceptible to strong winds, you can properly account for that when choosing the opener. We must also consider minor flooding and the impact of water while making a decision. This is mostly because of the gate opening well as it was supposed to regardless of water, flooding and the like.

Does the gate slide or swing

There are two types of gates; those that swing and those that slide. Sliding gates have ram arms with either a jackscrew or hydraulic operated pistons which are the core bases of the gate. Sliding gates open to the side and have wheels. As such, their automatic door openers mainly use a chain to open and shut the gate. As for the swinging gates, you must consider whether it is a dual swing gate with two pieces, one on either side or a single one as either require their own special opener.


Since the main purpose of a gate is to offer security, the automated versions should reinforce that. This means that these gate openers should also have an access control system that gives the owner control over who enters and leaves the premises. At Bay Area Gates, Fences & Openers, we pride ourselves on giving our clients detailed specifications of the Electric gate systems and also having something for everyone.


Since these automatic gate openers vary in shape, design, size, and mechanism, they will also vary price wise. Since some unscrupulous businesses overprice their products, it’s difficult to make the right choice. At Bay Area Gates, Fences & Openers, we always ensure that we provide you with the most competitive prices in the region while still maintaining impeccable standards of quality. What’s more, we offer aftermarket servicing and repair where we can service these gate openers for you to ensure they stay in top condition.

How you plan on powering the Automatic gate opener

When considering about automatic gate openers, it’s important to also consider the source of your power. Today, these gate openers can be powered by either solar power, alternating current (AC) or battery power. In fact, many automatic gate openers today can be configured to run on all three. Using AC power means that it’s connected to mains electricity. In recent years, solar powered ones have become increasingly popular based on their efficiency.

Benefits of using an automatic gate opener

Automatic gadgets are all the rage these days because of their ease of use and comfort and the same is true for these gate openers. Here are some of their benefits;

Consistent: although these gate openers do need some maintenance to continue working flawlessly, they ultimately deliver the best consistency in terms of functionality.

Better security: these openers are ideal because whenever anyone tries to open the gates or if they were left open, the system will send an alarm to the owner. Today, these alerts can be received directly onto a smartphone. If you have installed cameras you will be clearly able to see the intruders or whatever caused the alarm to go off.


It’s important to make an educated decision before pouring your hard earned money into something that will only stress you up in coming days. At Bay Area Gates, Fences & Openers we have dedicated ourselves to providing every customer an automatic gate opener that suits their gate’s dimensions, budget, and features.

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